How to Sleep Better on a Plane
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How to Sleep Better on a Plane

It seems as though there are two types of people in life: those who can fall asleep easily on a plane, and those who cannot get one minute of shut-eye on even the longest of flights. While we realize that it's almost impossible to get a great sleep en route, we've rounded up our top tips for plane travel that will help coax you into dreamland.

1) The Right Seat is Key

Whenever possible, a window seat is always your best bet for getting a decent sleep. You'll be able to rest soundly without getting up periodically to let your row mates use the washroom, and you're insulated from the chaos of the aisle. Even better: you can press a travel pillow up against the window to sleep in maximum comfort. Ditch the embarrassing blow-up donut and invest in a high quality travel pillow. Our signature Travel Pillow is made with white goose down feathers and a washable Egyptian Cotton pillowcase, and it folds up into a convenient pouch that fits nicely in your purse. Tip: make sure to choose the side of the plane that corresponds with your sleeping style. If you prefer to sleep on your left side, opt for a seat on the left side of the plane, and vice versa for right side sleepers.

2) Dress for (Sleep) Success

While we're big fans of comfort, there's a way to dress in a relaxed style without looking messy. We've found that multiple layers with a double-duty function are the best for adding or removing as the plane's temperature rises and falls. One of our favourite hacks is using a lightweight throw blanket as a multifunctional piece. Our ultra soft Montreal Pale Grey Throw can be used as a chic shawl or scarf in the chilly airport lounge, or as a cozy blanket during the remainder of the flight. Tip: if you're asleep and would like to opt out of food or beverage service, buckling your seat belt on top of your blanket will signal to flight attendants that you're not to be disturbed.

3) Block it All Out

There are plenty of distractions on a flight that would keep even the soundest sleeper awake, whether it's bright light from the windows, movie or iPad screens, or those annoying overhead lights. An Eye Mask will block out all distractions and is a very clear Do Not Disturb sign. Try a soft, luxurious fabric like silk to add an extra level of comfort.

4) The Sound of Silence

Just like a sleep mask, noise-cancelling headphones will drown out the irritating background din of beeping iPad games, the endless chattering of the ladies in front of you, or your seatmate's snoring. When we put on Bose's Quiet Comfort noise cancelling headphones, the outside world truly ceases to exist.

5) A Good Night's Steep

While the idea that a glass (or two) of wine should knock you out and send you to straight to dreamland, in reality it can do the opposite. The high altitude pressure of the plane +  dry recirculated cabin air = a hangover upon arrival. Skip the in-flight alcohol, and instead bring your own herbal tea bags. The lack of caffeine in herbal tea is ideal, because it won't cause you to wake up mid slumber. We especially love Mother's Little Helper by David's Tea, which contains relaxing lemongrass, peppermint, and the natural sleep aid valerian root (aka "Nature's Valium).

6) A Fresh Start

Let's face it, airplanes are not exactly known for being the freshest. To combat this, try a few spritzes of our Lavender Linen Water on your travel pillow. The fresh scent will assist with eliminating the smells of the plane, and the scent of lavender is a proven aid in getting some shut-eye.