Top 5 Tips for a Cool Night's Sleep
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Top 5 Tips for a Cool Night's Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep in the heat of summer can sometimes feel impossible. Even with air conditioning, the warmth and humidity of the day can still interfere with a comfortable sleep. We've interviewed our knowledgable sales staff on their top tips for a restful slumber during the dog days of summer.

Cooler Sheets

Cotton percale sheets are a great go-to solution for a cool sleep. "If you've never tried percale sheets, summer is the right time to do it", says Joanna, our CEO. "When you get into a bed with 100% cotton percale sheets, it's cool to the touch."

Another great option is linen or a linen/cotton blend. Linen - which comes from the flax plant - is particularly good at wicking away moisture, helping to cool you down on the hottest of nights. The linen fibre is thicker than cotton, giving linen a distinct texture and rumpled, relaxed look and feel.

A third go-to for keeping cool are bamboo or bamboo-blend sheets, as bamboo is another fibre that's exceptional at wicking away moisture and helping to keep you cool. If the crispness of percale or texture of linen aren't your cup of tea, the fine and silky feel of Bamboo may just be the ticket.

Cool & Crisp 220 Thread Count 100% Cotton Percale Bundled Sheet Set

Ultra-Light Weight Goose Down Duvet

The great thing about a down duvet is that down adapts to your body's temperature, so it can be used all summer long. That said, we definitely recommend using a lightweight or ultralight duvet during the hottest months of the year. The Summer Duvet is specifically designed to offer a cooler sleep for hotter nights. This duvet features a light and airy 100% goose down fill in a breathable 100% cotton shell and boasts fewer ounces of fill for a comfortable sleep through even the warmest of nights.

Layer Up With Blankets

You can layer bedding in the same way you layer your clothing – the idea is a mix of practical pieces to keep you comfortable all season long!  "A cotton coverlet can easily be removed for a touch less warmth, layered up for a touch more warmth, or even used on its own for ultimate airiness on the hottest nights of the year,” says Susan, our Online Coordinator. “I personally love a pre-washed coverlet for spring and summer. It's softer, lighter, and more relaxed in both look and feel - perfect for laid-back summer nights."

Cool PJS

Just like your sheets, you'll be wise to look for crisp, breathable cotton or soft, moisture-wicking bamboo for your summer PJs. Even cool, rumpled linen is a popular pick for the hottest night of the year.

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Tempra Mattress Topper

Our Tempra Mattress Topper, also known as our 'No Feather Featherbed', is specially designed to help regulate body temperature and keep you cool when the nights are hot. While it may seem counterintuitive to add a plush mattress topper to your bed in the heat of summer, the “No-Feather Featherbed” is all-natural and wonderfully breathable.“Unlike other mattress toppers I’ve had (I’m looking at you, memory foam!), the ’no-feather featherbed’ doesn’t retain heat and is very breathable,” says Sande, one of our seasoned sales associates. "I can always find a cool spot on the bed.”

This topper’s natural cellulosic fibre fill, derived from beechwood trees, creates an extraordinary temperature-regulating fill that cools you down when you’re warm and warms you up when you’re cold.  The breathable 200-thread-count shell is made from 100% cotton and designed to promote air flow for an ideal sleep temperature, so you never have to sacrifice coolness for comfort. Temperature regulation aside, the topper adds a sumptuous, cloud-like comfort to any mattress!
Tempra Mattress Topper/"No Feather Featherbed"