Pro Tips on Creating the Perfect All White Bed
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Pro Tips on Creating the Perfect All White Bed

Sometimes the simplest things can make the biggest statement. Case in point: the all-white bed. After fielding numerous questions from our customers about creating the perfect white bed, we polled our dream bed experts for their top tips and advice on creating this airy and serene escape for your own home.

#1 - Play with Texture

Without a doubt, this is the one element that will transform your bedroom from boring and bland into a magazine-worthy retreat. When working with a limited colour palette, it's extremely important to add depth with contrasting fabric textures. Although it seems counter-intuitive, mixing textures like waffle, satin, pin-tucking, and jacquard will add visual interest to your bed. Don't be afraid to mix it up!

#2 - Incorporate a Variety of Shades

Not every piece has to be the exact same shade of white. To give your bed an interesting and complex perspective, try mixing various shades of white like ivory, oyster, and antique white. The mix of tones will give your bed a complex element without feeling sterile, and will contribute to the overall neutral scheme of the room.

#3 - Experiment with Embroidery

When choosing embroidery, the natural instinct is to gravitate to colour. This is difficult to resist, especially when there are so many options available! Why not try white-on-white embroidery? The result makes a bigger statement than you might imagine. A bonus: if you ever want to bring colour back into your room, you won't be tied to one particular shade. White-on-white embroidery allows your bedroom to change with your mood.

#4 - The Importance of Accessories

Although they may seem trivial, accessories are the key element that can tie your whole room together. A white knit blanket at the end of the bed adds an interesting texture to the room. A simple bouquet of white flowers, an eggshell chandelier, or an ivory bench at the foot of the bed help to add dimension and can reinforce the airy spa feeling that an all-white bed brings.

#5 - Stick to Your Vision

Despite it's reputation as being boring or clinical, having an all-white bed is actually the most courageous move you can make. While a common mistake is trying to add more impact to a room through colour, an all-white room exudes confidence. Plus, an all-white bed is actually the easiest to care for and the least high-maintenance. When armed with some Oxy Clean, your white bed will stay soothing, white, and spa-like for years to come.

Below are some images of our favourite white collections for you to mix and match. Hope they inspire you!


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