In Bed With... Kayla
Between the Sheets

In Bed With... Kayla


Welcome to our new series, "In Bed With...", where we take you behind the scenes and into the bedrooms of Au Lit insiders, getting under the covers with their personal style. The first guest in our series is Kayla, one of Au Lit's lovely sales associates. 

"My style is very minimal; I like the entire room to be very clean, classic, and white. It has to be free of distractions - I can't sleep at night if there is a mess, or if the light from a cell phone is on. My boyfriend and I share the same sleep preferences: we like a very cool room, blackout curtains, and try to avoid clutter in the bedroom as much as possible."


"Working at Au Lit, I've had the opportunity to test a lot of sheets! I've discovered that my favourite is the 410 Thread Count Percale. After washing my sheets, getting into bed feels like being wrapped in a soft and beautiful cloud. I don't iron my sheets, but I do always iron my pillowcases - it makes a world of a difference.

The Casa Quilt and matching Euro Shams add texture to my all-white bed, as does my new Marled Light Grey Throw. It is cotton knitted, and so cozy and lovely. I also added a white Lavato Linen Sham and opted for this beautiful scroll embroidery to add some detail. I think it really ties the room together."

"The Au Lit Medium Goose Down Pillow is the best thing in the world! It's like sleeping on a marshmallow that doesn't lose its shape. I also love knowing that it was made in Canada - it's important to me to support Canadian companies."