2019's Top Bedroom Decor Trends
Between the Sheets

2019's Top Bedroom Decor Trends

We're calling it: 2019 is the year of the bedroom. After studying countless magazines and design blogs, working with interior designers, and talking with our customers, we're noticing a major shift in the world of bedroom design. No longer is the bedroom just an afterthought - the bedroom is now a major design element in the house, on par with the kitchen, living room, and dining room. We're thrilled to see a flux of pattern, style, and texture enter the world of bedroom interiors, and its emergence as highly personable space deserving of special treatment. Now that the bedroom is a major design heavy hitter, we're breaking down our 5 favourite 2019 trends for it. 

Bold Black

Sorbe White/Steel Grey

The Charleston

Kos Waffle Throw Off-Black

Hudson Striped Throw White/Black

Flip through any design magazine over the past few years and you'll surely have noticed a prevalence of Scandinavian-influenced, light-and-bright bedrooms with an airy aesthetic. However, we've noticed a BIG shift to all things dark and moody over the past while, and we're not mad at it! Move over, white.... and say hello to deep, moody tones, rich patterns, and an influx of black accessories for the bedroom.

Worried that embracing your dark side means turning your bedroom into a gothic boudoir? Not to worry - there's an easy way to dip your toe into the dark pool without diving in headfirst. Consider adding black into your bedroom the same way you would intersperse it into your wardrobe, a bit at a time. The same way a black boot brings an outfit together, adding a chic black throw, decorative cushion, or a duvet cover with black trim is a great way to incorporate this trend without going full-out. 


Pattern Play

Rafael Silver

Oxford Stripe Grey

Brooklyn Midnight/White

Studio McGee

Velvet Embroidered Cushion

If you're a fan of solids, brace yourself - you're about to see pattern EVERYWHERE in 2019. The design world is embracing its playful side and incorporating all kinds of patterns from a mix of different areas; think geometrics, Art Deco style, florals - you name it!

While we love pattern, we realize that mixing too many patterns can make your bed look like a circus - not the most calming effect in a room where you're trying to sleep! Our go-to equation for incorporating pattern in your bedroom? Stick with a single, monochromatic colour scheme, and a mix of patterns within that range. It's an easy solution to creating an elevated, layered room with plenty of personality.

 Neutral Palette

Lavato Caspian Grey

Lavato Linen Flax


Savoy Quilted Sand

Ditch your outdated notion in your head that neturals have to be bland, boring, and beige. The new neutrals are anything but - think warm tonal shades that work harmoniously instantly update a tired room. This look is high on style; think one monochromatic shade running throughout the entire bedroom to create a cohesive, textured space that's modern and electic.


Cezanne Bamboo

Lavato Linen White

One of the biggest trends we've seen thus far in 2019 is not a trend, but rather a global lifestyle shift. More and more, we're seeing that people are willing to invest in high-quality products that are self-sustaining, natural, and good for the environment. Our customers care about where their products are coming from and how they're being made. Call it the Marie Kondo effect, but we're noticing a trend towards buying less, but making sure each purchase is purposeful and in alignment with their values.


Jersey Throw Heather Grey

Soft & Cozy Heather Flannel Bundle

Cozy Reversible Cotton Jersey White

Gone are the days where high style was synonymous with stiff and rigid. The newest luxury in the world of bedding is comfort. We're noticing a huge rise in products and fabrics that are ultra-soft: think jersey, flannel, velvet, fur, and pre-washed cotton and linen. Case in point - our bestselling sheet bundle of the year is the one described as "buttery soft" (our Buttery Soft 410 Thread Count Percale Bundle). We're seeing demand for pieces that are casual and comfortable, but still high on style. More than ever, we're seeing the home function as not just a fancy showroom to display your style, but the ultimate haven of relaxation, a place to kick off your shoes and unwind - and if some coffee spills on the bed, it's easy to clean.