Introducing…Lusomé PJ’s!
Between the Sheets

Introducing…Lusomé PJ’s!

Lusomé is a beautifully designed line of sleepwear that uses dryLon™, a moisture management fabric exclusive to Lusomé that offers revolutionary, advanced moisture management (in other words…no sweating while you sleep!) Through special natural fiber blends and innovative fabric weaving, it achieves rapid one-way moisture movement away from the skin surface, pulling it through the material and spreading out so it can quickly evaporate. (In other words, no soaking wet fabric sticking to your skin all night.) 
dryLon™ fabric has no chemicals, no secret special ingredients and will last the lifetime of the product if cared for according to directions. dryLon™ material keeps you dry and comfortable throughout the night so you can get the full night’s sleep you need.
The Inspiration for Lusomé:
There are many causes of night sweats and hot flashes, such as postpartum, cancer treatment, thyroid problems, peri-menopause and menopause. 80% of all women will face night sweats at some point in their life.

When health issues erupted within her circle of family, friends and personally, Lusomé creator Lara Smith looked throughout North America and Europe for a sleepwear brand with beautiful style and soft fabrics. She found several moisture wicking brands, but they were using 100% polyester and chemicals in the finishing process. The urge to find a better solution occurred as Lara watched her sister battle breast cancer and the uncomfortable long-term side effects associated with the treatments. Thus Lusomé was born.
What woman doesn't want to feel beautiful and comfortable while she sleeps?
"All beautiful things are made by those who strive to make something useful."
- Oscar Wilde
Pictured Above: Donna Black Pyjama top & pant.
Pictured Above: Donna Shadow Pyjama top & pant