Q&A: How are duvets treated to be hypo-allergenic?
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Q&A: How are duvets treated to be hypo-allergenic?

Q: What exactly does it mean for a duvet to be "hypo-allergenic"?

A: We're proud to say that our duvets are certified hypoallergenic. Before the goose down is sewn into a duvet, we ensure that it goes through a rigorous cleaning and sterilizing process. First, the fluffy down is separated from large feathers, quills, debris, and dust, and then washed and sterilized at a temperature of 48°C. After being dried, the down is filtered again numerous times, ensuring that it's as clean and dust-free as possible.

If you think that you're allergic to down, consider this: we've discovered that many people who think they're allergic to down are actually allergic to the dirt and dust mites that can live in old or unclean down. If you've found yourself sneezing after sleeping under an old duvet, this could be the reason why.

If you do suffer from severe allergies, please keep in mind that nothing is ever completely, 100% hypoallergenic. Instead, it has been "designed to reduce or minimize the possibility of an allergic response, as by containing relatively few or no irritating substances." In plain terms, this means that you may still have a reaction, no matter how thoroughly the down is cleaned. Our Jasper duvet, made from synthetic fibres, as well as our Premium Silk duvet may be better options.