Easy Ways To Update Your Rental Bedroom
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Easy Ways To Update Your Rental Bedroom

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Let's face it: renting is not just for 20-something urbanites anymore. With many people shifting their life priorities, downsizing, or simply looking to avoid the sky-high cost of home ownership (or the responsibility of maintaining one), renting is an increasingly ideal option for people in many different stages of their life.

However, with renting can come unique challenges, especially when it comes to decorating. When you're not tied down to one location and are free to explore different space, design dilemmas can occur. What may have worked perfectly in your romantic cottage bedroom may not fare so well in the industrial loft that you wind up next. We've rounded up our top tips for making your rental bedroom your own.

Style Me Pretty

Invest in multi-functional pieces that you can take with you. While it can be tempting to purchase that large-scale headboard or antique armoire, bulky pieces might not fit wherever you land next. Invest your money in double-duty pieces that you'll love in any room of your home. Practical pieces like a beautiful set of lamps, bench/es for the end of the bed, or a gorgeous rug are easily transportable and can work in other spaces should you choose to relocate. 

The D Pages

Make a statement. Looking for maximum impact with minimal investment? Painting a statement wall is the way to go. You'll get a bold new look for the cost of a small can of paint. Bonus: when it's time to move, you'll only have to paint back one wall, rather than all of them!

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Put it in neutral. No matter where you live or how your style evolves, neutral bedding will accent every bedroom decor style. Classic colours like white, milk, cream, and grey are always in style for linens. As your style evolves, your bedding can too - accent it with throw pillows, blankets, and accessories.

Elements of Style

Get creative. Have you always dreamt of wallpapering your walls? Your dream doesn't have to die because you're renting. You can still make a big impact with framed wallpaper panels in the pattern of your dreams. For an even bigger statement, try one large piece of art. It will totally transform your bedroom (and only leave one annoying nail to remove when you leave).

House Tweaking

Texture is key. Adding throw pillows in luxe fabrics, a textured rug, or interesting accents in leather, knit, velvet or fur,  will add a layer of interest and sophistication to an otherwise bland room. Adding these key components will make your bedroom feel less like a transitional space, and more like a well-thought out and considered living space.


Invest in your bed. No matter where you go, as long as you have a comfortable place to sleep it will feel like home. Investing in long-term pieces like sleeping pillows and duvets will make your bed complete, no matter where you live. With our April Pillow & Duvet Sale, now is the perfect time to invest in these classic pieces that will stand the test of time (and are easy to move!).