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Your Starter Guide to Choosing The Right Pillows & Duvets

Our Pillow & Duvet Sale has officially been on for a week! There's nothing we love more than helping you choose the right pillow or duvet for you, so we thought we'd create a starter guide to answer all of your questions! Just in time for the weekend - sit back, relax, and watch our top 5 videos on these essential sleeping pieces.

1) How should you shop for pillows and duvets?

2) What pillow size is right for you?

3) What's the difference between synthetic and down pillows?

4) What should you be looking for in a down duvet?

5) When should you be replacing your pillow?

Take 20% off of our entire selection of pillows, duvets, featherbeds, mattress and pillow protectors and more throughout the entire month of April!