Introducing... Washed Waffle
Between the Sheets

Introducing... Washed Waffle

Waffle has long been a mainstay in the world of bedding and bath. With its textured honeycomb appearance, this woven fabric is renowned for its durability, breathability, and timelessness.

Just in time for spring, we're thrilled to debut a fresh new twist on this classic fabric. Say hello to washed waffle. Just like our other Lavato collections, pre-washing the fabric makes it super soft to the hand, easier to care for, and lends itself to a relaxed, rumpled look. We consider it to be casual simplicity in its most luxurious form.

Look beyond basic white; we've given waffle a complete overhaul by stocking it in a variety of modern shades like hot pink, charcoal, and ecru. We've rounded up our favourite new washed waffle pieces below for you to discover. Enjoy!

Lavato Waffle Slippers

Lavato Waffle Hot Pink


Lavato White Waffle Robe with Linen Collar

Lavato Waffle Towels 

Lavato Waffle White


Lavato Waffle Ecru

Lavato Grey Waffle Robe with Linen Collar

Lavato White Waffle Set