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Q & A: How Do I Select the Right Pillow?

Au Lit Q&A

Q: How Do I Select the Right pillow? 

A: One of the key components of a great sleep is the pillow, but it can be challenging to find one you like! More often than not, some trial and error is required, so keep the following in mind.

It can take a couple months to 'break in' a new pillow. It's not going to feel exactly like the beloved one you've been sleeping on for the last 3 years right away! If you find that it's slightly too firm at first, try unzipping your pillow protector during your 'breaking in' stage. Unfortunately, if you've gone with something too soft, you'll have to head back to the drawing board and try something a little firmer. The good news is, you're one step closer to finding your perfect pillow.

There's a lot to consider when selecting a pillow, so we try to describe ours as clearly as possible to help:

SUPER SOFT SUPPORT: A good choice for stomach sleepers. Look for a pure white goose down pillow. We recommend the Heirloom Pillow.

MEDIUM TO SOFT SUPPORT: Preferred by back sleepers. Choose a pure white goose down pillow with more fill. We recommend the Au Lit Medium pillow.

FIRM TO MEDIUM SUPPORT: Ideal for side sleepers. Choose a pure white goose down pillow with even more fill. We recommend the Au Lit Firm.

EXTRA FIRM SUPPORT: Ideal for side sleepers. Look for a blend of feather and down. We recommend the Summit pillow which is 80% feather surrounded by 20% of down.

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