In response to the rapidly growing number of bridal registries and linen shower registries in our store - a trend we could not ignore! - we've created an online registry that still manages to capture the knowledge & expertise, authentic quality and very personal vibe of the Au Lit Fine Linens brand. It is very important to us that the couples who choose Au Lit Fine Linens have a comfortable, yet special experience, and possibly even learn a thing or two. (For instance, we love when they read our Handbook before they make their selections!)

In order to help our clients build a thoughtful and practical linen registry, we've tried to keep it simple.  To that end, we've introduced our Newlywed Starter Kit, a practical checklist of everything we recommend for creating the couple's dream bed together. Couples can also view Joanna's How to Create your Linen Registry for great tips, such as including His & Hers robes or personalized monograms on their sheets. 

Our new launch times perfectly with what we've observed as a shift away from traditional registries, in which couples registered exclusively at one store for something precious and ornamental, but rarely used. We are seeing more and more couples register at multiple stores, for eclectic and versatile gifts like art, big ticket electronics and, of course, linens, which will be used and enjoyed every single day of their married life.

For further information or image requests, please contact: 

Julie Brown, Au Lit Fine Linens
416.489.7992 ext 29