➢  I want to have the couple or registrant(s) pick up in store, but it's asking for my shipping address.
In the checkout process, simply put your shipping and billing address as the same. On the next page, you'll be given shipping options. Select "Pick up in store" and we'll let the registrant(s) know that your gift is available for them to pick up at our store location at 2049 Yonge Street.

➢ I'd like to have the items shipped to me for a shower.
In the checkout process, put in your shipping and billing address. On the next page, do not choose "Pick up in store" as your shipping option. You'll receive a confirmation email to make sure that you want to have the gift sent to your address shortly after. If the order is under $250.00 you will have to pay the applicable shipping fee.

➢ How do I purchase a gift card for more than $50?
To purchase a gift certificate for the couple, choose the gift card option. Gift cards are available in $50 increments (for example if you’d like to give a gift card of $100, you’d input a quantity of 2). In your cart, select the quantity, and then click update and continue to the checkout.

➢ Will the bride and groom be notified of my purchase?
Yes, the bride and groom will be notified by e-mail of your purchase.

➢ I'm registering with Au Lit but I won't be able to pick up my gifts in store, can you ship them to me?
Yes, we can ship your gifts to you. All gifts that have been purchased will be sent in a single shipment. Generally we ship everything after your event.

➢ How can I purchase a gift if I'm located outside Canada or the U.S?
Please give us a call at 1-800-363-6080 or email at registry@aulitfinelinens.com and we'll be happy to process it for you. At this time we do not process international orders through our online store.

➢ I'd like to make changes to my registry, how can I do this myself/who can help?
If you have any changes to make to your registry, simply sign in to your account and go to "My WorkSheet (View/Edit/Sort Registry Items)" to add or delete items. You can update your account information under "My Information".

You can also set up an appointment in store with your registry consultant who can make the changes for you or e-mail us at registry@aulitfinelinens.com with your name and the changes you'd like to be made.

➢ How do I set up a registry appointment in store?
Either call us at 1-800-363-6080 or e-mail at registry@aulitfinelinens.com and let us know which date and time would be most convenient for you. You can also stop by our store at 2049 Yonge Street and an associate will be happy to help.

➢ I've made a purchase, but the registry list has not updated.
The registry list will update to reflect the purchases you've made, but not always immediately. Please allow up to 48 hrs.

➢ When items go on sale will my registry update to reflect the sale price?
Yes, your registry will update to reflect any current sale prices.

➢ How do I include a message with my gift?
Messages can be left in the "Special Order Instructions/Registry Notes" box in your Shopping Cart. If you've already made the purchase, please e-mail us at registry@aulitfinelinens.com and we'll be sure to include the message with your gift.

➢ Can I register for something other than a wedding? Such as birthday, anniversary, personal wish list?
Yes, of course! When signing up for a registry, you're given the option under "Type of Event" for events other than a Wedding.

➢ How do I purchase a gift from someone's registry?
To purchase a gift, go to "FIND" to search by the registrant's name to locate their registry. You'll be given a list of items the couple have requested. Click the "Add to Cart" button to purchase gifts. If you're making multiple purchases, click "Back" on your browser to continue shopping from their list.

➢ What if I get duplicates of a gift?
If you get duplicates of a gift you can exchange them for other products in store.

➢ How long will my registry be posted after my event?
Your registry will be active for one year after your wedding or event. After this time it will be deleted.

➢ Can I register for Au Lit Fine Linens Gift Cards?
When your registry is created, you'll automatically have gift cards added to the list.

➢ What are a Registrant and Co-Registrant?
Registrant and Co-Registrant refer to the couple who have signed up for a registry.