What Makes a Great Sheet?
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What Makes a Great Sheet?

A great sheet is more than just a high thread count!

There are three components to look for when purchasing authentic quality sheets:

  1. The type of cotton. Egyptian cotton is considered to be the best in the world, due to the strength and length of its long fibres. American Pima is also an excellent type of cotton.
  2. Where the fabric is woven. Italian mills are the world's foremost experts thanks to their long history of weaving and superior technology. Sheets woven in Italy, or other parts of Europe such as Portugal and Switzerland, will typically be of a higher quality than parts of the world where weaving is a more recent industry and technology not quite as advanced. 
  3. The thread count. Look for a thread count higher than 200 t.c. (less than 200 t.c is called muslin), but remember, thread count is a personal preference. It matters, but only in determining what feel - soft, crisp, fine, heavy - you like best.

Always look for 100% Egyptian (or Pima) cotton sheets. Labels can be misleading. While numerous brands claim to use "Egyptian cotton," their linens may contain as little as one percent. Make sure the packaging says 100% or pure Egyptian cotton. Also, where the product is made is not necessarily where the fabric is woven. If you find a very inexpensive sheet with a really high thread count, it's probably not pure Egyptian cotton, and/or has an inferior weave.

Why Choose Au Lit sheets?

It’s simple. We don’t just sell linens. We change the way people sleep and improve the quality of their lives. We do this by using 100% Egyptian cotton, woven in Europe and sewn in Canada by people who truly care

The Au Lit brand is uniquely set up to offer authentic quality, knowledge & expertise, and a personalized experience to help you create a beautiful bed from the inside out.