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How to Create a Beautiful Bed from the Inside Out

Click on the circles to read more about each component of this beautiful bed.

The Sheets

It's not all about thread count! The 3 equally important components of a great quality sheet are:

  1. Type of cotton. The best quality is 100% Egyptian because of the strength and length of its fibres.
  2. Where it's woven. The Italian mills are the best weavers in the world.
  3. Thread count. Anything higher than 200TC is considered good quality. To see our range of thread counts, visit our Thread Count Bar

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The Sleeping Pillow

A great pillow can transform the quality of your sleep and is definitely where you want to invest in your bed. We recommend goose down pillows because they’re soft and malleable, and at the same time supportive, and down has no odour. Look for a silky shell (300TC or higher) to prevent crunching.

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The Duvet

An authentic quality white goose down duvet is also worth the investment, and a good one can last a decade or more. You always want to know where the down is from and trust the brand you're buying (a cheap duvet can be filled with anything from chicken feathers to dust.) We recommend a baffle box construction to keep the down from clumping, and a silky shell to keep it light and airy on your body. The beauty of down is it adapts to your body temperature.

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The Duvet Cover

The duvet cover is the piece that makes your bed beautiful. Since your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, you want to fall in love with the colour and pattern of your duvet cover. It's also where your personal taste and style are on display. TIP: Choose something you will love for years to come, because that's how long a good quality duvet cover will last.

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The Featherbed

The featherbed is a sumptuous, European import that transforms your sleep experience. It lies directly on the mattress, beneath the mattress protector and makes even the most inferior mattress feel like you're sleeping on a cloud. (Even your old Hyde-a-Bed… we promise.)

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The Mattress Pad and Pillow Protectors

These are the unsung heroes of your beautiful bed. They may not look pretty, but they protect your pillows and mattress, and they protect you from dust mites!

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The Decorative Pillows

The decorative pillows are the pillows you do not sleep on. They are covered with a pillow sham, typically flanged, and are available in four sizes: Standard, Queen, King and 'Euro'. The 'Euro' pillow is a 25x25" square that is both decorative (it really fills out the bed by adding depth and height) and also practical. We love reading in bed against our Euro pillows! (TIP: They also stand in for a headboard if you haven't got one.)

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The Decorative Cushions & Throw

This is the "statement" jewelry of your bed. Go crazy! Be bold, bring colour or texture or opulence. Deco cushions and throws can be trendy or seasonal and they don't have to be permanent. It's also a great way to tie in other colours in the room, whether it's the wall, headboard or carpet.

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The Bed Skirt

Unless you have a full bed frame, a bed skirt is a necessity. You don't have to spend a lot of money on a bed skirt. We say keep it simple. A straight, tailored skirt with pleats is timeless, and having no pleats at all will create the look of a clean, modern bed frame. TIP: Textures or solid colours make for great bed skirts.

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The Coverlet

The Coverlet is also known as a blanket cover or matelassé. Quite simply, it’s a versatile piece that can be laid at the foot of the bed, on top of the duvet, to add layers and texture. It can also be used more practically, either as an extra layer of warmth with the duvet, or on its own as a light blanket during the summer months.

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Designing Your Bed

When it comes to decorating the bedroom, we get asked all the time whether to start with the linens or the wall colour. We always suggest starting with the linens, because it’s much easier to find a paint chip that matches your bed, rather than the other way around.

Your bed is the centerpiece of the room and should be the launching pad of your decor. Look for linens in a palette you can live with long-term. The reason neutrals have been so popular in high-end bedding is because they are classic and subdued and you won’t get tired of them. Fortunately, the neutral palette has expanded beyond white and cream to include taupe, sage, coffee, gold and deeper shades like cocoa and grey, as well as pastels such as ice blue, aqua and celadon. If you want to be more daring, choose a neutral foundation and then add pizzazz with decorative shams, throw cushions and quilts in more vibrant colours. Eventually, if you do grow tired of these bolder pieces, they can easily be replaced at far less expense than starting from scratch, and you’ve still got a beautiful bed that coordinates with virtually any colour.

Also, know your taste. Trends come and go, so follow your heart. The “Ultimate” bed is a lifetime investment. Quality linens will certainly outlast the current trends. (Check your wardrobe to discover your favorite colour!)

Bring Your Measurements

When you go shopping for linens, bring your measurements. You should know the depth of your mattress (they vary from 8” – 18” in thickness!) If you have a king size mattress that is deeper than 12”, you will need to get jumbo or super-king sheets and mattress pads, as well as a jumbo or super-king duvet. The days of consistency in mattress depths are long gone. Even the widths of mattresses are starting to change, so it doesn’t hurt to know the width and length as well. You should also have the bedskirt measurement handy, which is from the top of the box-spring to the floor. This way, you can custom order the skirt so that it fits perfectly. If you are spending a reasonable amount of money to outfit your bed, each piece should fit perfectly.