Bedskirts 101
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Bedskirts 101

The most frequently asked question we get about bedskirts is: "Do I need one and why?”

Au Lit Fine Linens - Bedskirts 101The answer is simple. You need a bedskirt to hide the metal bed frame and box spring. That said, the bedskirts of yesteryear - ruffled and flouncy - have been replaced in popularity by a much more contemporary and clean style of skirt. These days, bed skirts are typically straight and tailored and way more gender neutral. They should probably be renamed. Instead of calling them skirts, perhaps bed frame wraps?

Here’s a brief description of the different skirt styles you can order. Please note, the standard stocking style we offer if you do not specify, is tailored, pleated, open corners, 14” drop.

Tailored with Pleats & Open Corners

Tailored with Pleats and Open Corners

Tailored with Pleats & Closed Corners

Tailored with Pleats & Closed Corners Au Lit Fine Linens

Straight Wrap-Around with No Pleats

Straight Wrap-Around with No Pleats Au Lit Fine Linens

Skirt Height Tips

Box spring depths typically vary, so there’s no one skirt measurement that is guaranteed to accommodate all beds. Most beds these days will be between 13-15” from the top of the box spring to the floor, which means your skirt needs to measure 13-15” in height. Our standard stocking size is 14”, which we’ve found to work pretty well for most beds. If you want it to be more precise, we recommend measuring and specifying the exact drop you need.

There are some beds, such as four-posters and antique wrought irons, that are much higher and might require a skirt height of 18 -20”. It’s always best to measure. And while you’re measuring the height, we suggest you also measure the width of your King bed. Here again, King beds can either be 76 or 78” wide, and those two inches make a difference in the way your skirt falls.

Open vs Closed Corners

If you do not have a footboard - in other words, you are only using a headboard - then you will need closed corners. You can have closed corners with pleats or without, and this will hide the metal legs of your bed frame.

If you have any kind of footboard, you need to order open corners. These can be ordered with or without pleats.