Style at Home July 2013 - Whitening Woes

Whitening Woes - Style at Home July 2013

As you can imagine, keeping your whites white comes up a lot at Au Lit. Although, we've shared some tips on Between the Sheets before, Style at Home's 'Whitening Woes' article from their July issue had some great tips we thought were worth mentioning.

1 - Sticking to natural household staples like vinegar and baking soda are not only better on the environment, but they're much more effective.

2 - Products that contain chlorine bleach can react with body oils in sheets to make them more, not less, yellow.

3 - They've listed some detergent brands that are easy to find and seem pretty effective like Nellie's All Natural and Borax.

4 - Hang your linens to dry in the sunlight. Sunlight has bleaching capabilities and won't set stains like the dryer.

5 - We'd also like to add that a little soaking overnight can go a long way!


You may have also noticed our Charles coverlet and euros combined with our Scallop Aqua sheets featured above.