Globe & Mail - Joanna and Her Bed 2012

Joanna and her Bed in the Globe & Mail


We wanted to share this picture of Joanna in her lovely (and newly redecorated) bedroom, which was featured in last Saturday's Globe and Mail. In the article, Joanna shares what she is currently reading and her favourite reading place: obviously, her bed! The article, 'For Whom the Bed Tolls,' is part of the Globe's 'My Books, My Place' series. 
"’s taking me a while to finish this one because, well, my bed is so cozy. If the novel I’m reading doesn’t have a compelling enough plot, I tend to drift off pretty quickly. A Moveable Feast, as delicious as it is, just can’t compete with the powerful lulling effect of my reading place."    - Joanna Goodman