Canadian Living 2013 - Five Minutes With Joanna Goodman

Five Minutes with Joanna Goodman - Canadian Living

Owner Joanna Goodman sat down with Canadian Living to talk bedding for their January issue.

Why splurge on a down duvet?
A down duvet is always going to be comfortable because it's lightweight, adapts to your body temperature, and—unlike polyester—it will keep you warm, but not sweaty.

What's the biggest misconception about bedding?
That a higher thread count makes a better sheet. That's not to say thread count isn't important, but two other factors matter more. First, look for sheets made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton, which is the very best cotton in the word. The other factor is where the sheets are woven. Italy is home to the world's premier weavers, and nothing compares to their tradition, equipment and training.

What's your fave bedding trend for 2014?
Faux fur. I'm calling it 'the new cashmere' because it's actually outselling our cashmere throws for the first time ever. It's just a great way to make a seasonal style statement and add a bit of colour and texture.