Product (P)update: Brand New For Fall

Product (P)update: Brand New For Fall

Dog in Bed

Since 1981 we've had a distinct and unwavering mission: to improve your quality of life by changing the way you sleep. We've sourced the finest all-natural fabrics from some of the world's best weavers, and maintain a dedicated factory here in Canada to ensure each finished piece meets our rigorous quality standards. We've revelled in the resulting conversations with our clients, affirmations that we've succeeded; sleep has improved, and thus so has life. "All of our beds are now outfitted with Au Lit!" a shopper recently reported to us. "Well...almost all of them."

That 'almost' set our wheels turning. We'd outfitted her and her partner's bed - that we knew for sure. It was the reason she came into the shop in the first place. So pleased she was with the way it came together that she stopped in a couple of weeks later to get the kids' rooms sorted as well. We went with a cozy heather flannel for her little boy, and a soft sand percale for her teen. Even the guest room got the hotel treatment with our crisp, cool percale & classic loft embroidery. So what had we missed?

Au Lit Fine Linens - Fabric Swatches

As we gathered at the front counter pondering the missing piece, the 'hello' bells chimed and the front door opened. A new client ambled in, a beige ball of fluff excitedly prancing alongside. And then it hit. We looked at the pup, and we looked at each other. "The dog's bed," remarked our manager. "She'd mentioned her pup when she first came in."

 Au Lit Fine Linens Dog Bed

Resolute in our mission to have the whole family sleeping better than ever, we set a meeting with our factory to start planning out and prototyping the newest addition to the Au Lit line-up: a soft and cozy dog bed. We landed on a plush microfibre filler - perfectly soft & squishy - and selected three different sizes for all builds and breeds. Easy care was top priority, so we decided on a removable cover for easy washing. The default shell is a sleek light grey brushed cotton, but we've expanded the selection to our  so you can coordinate your best friend's bedding with your own. Who knows - maybe Fido will stop trying to jump into your bed for a change.