What Sheets Will Keep Me Cool All Summer Long?
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What Sheets Will Keep Me Cool All Summer Long?

Q: It's way too hot, and I'm having a hard time sleeping lately. What sheets will keep me cool and comfortable all summer long?

A: The dog days of summer are upon us. Even with the air conditioning on, the warmth and humidity of the day can still interfere with your ability to sleep comfortably. No need to toss and turn, we've got an easy solution to your problem -  update your sheets! Sleeping with the right sheets can make all the difference and keep you cool all summer long.

So which sheets are best for summer? We've broken down our favourite types of sheets - Cotton Percale, Cotton Satin, and Linen - and exactly what makes each of them unique.

Cotton Percale

If you've never tried out Cotton Percale sheets before, now is the perfect time to do it. Percale is known for being crisp and cool, perfect for summer sleeping. The way the fabric is woven is the key to it's cool-to-the-touch feel; percale is woven in a basic criss-cross pattern (one-over, one-under), just like your favourite classic button down shirt. You can discover all of our Cotton Percale sheets here.

Cotton Satin

While Cotton Satin has "satin" in its name, don't be fooled - this is not the same slippery, polyester material commonly found in lingerie. Cotton Satin is made from pure, natural cotton, only it utilizes a different method of weaving (the cotton threads are woven four-over, one-under, to be precise), This process gives the fabric a sheen and a silky feel. This doesn't mean that satin is better than percale - they both provide a unique experience. Take a look at all of our Cotton Satin sheets here.


A third option, which you may not have considered, is linen. Linen is a natural fibre, derived from the flax plant. Linen is the world's oldest fabric, and for the past 8,000 years it has been loved for its natural breathability, high moisture absorbency, and it's crispness, which makes it cool and optimal for summer sleeping.

Our Lavato Linen sheets are actually a 50/50 blend of pre-washed Italian linen and Egyptian cotton. This unique blend results in fabric that offers the best of both worlds: the durability and crisp hand of linen, mixed with the softness of cotton. They're a bit thicker than our signature cotton sheets, but the looser weave of linen makes them ultra breathable for cool summer sleeping. You can check out our world of Lavato Linen sheets here.