What is Organic Bedding?
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What is Organic Bedding?

More than ever, the shift to an organic lifestyle is gaining popularity. We've all heard about the harmful toxic chemicals in the everyday items we buy, and companies have been making the shift to support our desire for conscious, sustainable choices. But what about bedding? Today we're breaking down the world of organic bedding for you - and you might be surprised! 

First of all, the term "organic bedding" is a term that can be confusing and misleading. When you're buying mass-marketed sheets and you notice that the package is labelled "organic", that doesn't necessarily mean that the product is safe from harmful chemicals. A large majority of the time, this simply means that the manufacturer has woven their sheets using organically-grown cotton. While this is definitely a more sustainable option, this doesn't take into consideration any processes that take place after the sheets are woven.

Bedding labelled as "organic" can still be dyed using dyes containing heavy metals, toxic inks, or even bleached using harmful bleaches. It can also be synthetically treated with harsh chemicals - for example, companies may treat their sheets with formaldehyde to achieve a "wrinkle-free" look. When manufacturers label their sheets as "organic", they're not required to disclose any details about how the sheets were produced, only about their fabric content. 

So, if the term organic doesn't give the full picture, what should you be looking for when it comes to all-natural sheets? 

For starters, check out the sheet packaging the same way you would inspect a box at the grocery store. The number one thing to look for is fibre content - or, the type of fabric. Sheets made from cotton, linen, or bamboo fibres will always be the most natural and sustainable. They're breathable, absorbent, naturally hypo-allergenic, and durable enough to last years. 

Second, check out the features of the sheets. Are they "wrinkle-free"? If so, that means they've been processed with synthetic chemicals to achieve that finish. What about the colour of the sheets? If sensitive skin is your #1 issue, you may want to look for sheets that have been dyed using natural dyes. Also, be weary of polyester-blended sheets labelled "moisture-wicking". Polyester is a man-made fiber made from petroleum-based products, is not breathable, and not sustainable. Cotton and linen are both naturally moisture-wicking while also being biodegradable. 

Above all, do your research regarding production processes and certifications! Oeko-Tex in particular is a renowned global network of independent research and test institutes in Europe and Japan. Established in 1982, they are the most reliable and trustworthy authority in the world when it comes to textile safety. The Oeko-Tex 100 Seal is only given to mills & textiles that are confirmed free from over 100 known or suspected harmful chemicals, and ensure that no pesticides are used during the manufacturing process. Companies that are Oeko-Tex certified ensure that their product is rigorously tested and must pass routine quality audits in the Association's 18 independent testing laboratories. 


All of our bedding here at Au Lit is made from the world's best 100% natural fibres, from cotton to linen to bamboo. The European mills that weave our fabrics are proudly Oeko-Tex certified, and no pesticides, chemicals, or synthetics are used in the production process. So if you're looking for a natural, sustainable option for your bedding, you can sleep easy in our sheets. 

Zen Organic 210 Thread Count Percale

If you're specifically in the market for organic bedding, we're delighted to introduce our new Zen Organic 210 Thread Count Percale Collection. The Zen Organic Collection is made up of 100% long-staple cotton grown from non-genetically modified (GMO) seeds, and without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals, such as fertilizers or pesticides. This collection is woven in Italy at an Oeko-Tex certified mill (read: rigorously tested against any harmful substances, as with all of our linens). It's cool, crisp, and designed to last for years - softening with each wash. The Zen Organic 210 Collection is available as part of a bundle, or sold individually.

Zen Organic 210 Thread Count Percale Bundle

If you're looking to make the switch to a more organic home, a good place to start is replacing some of your common household products with natural versions. One of the easiest changes - swapping out your dryer sheets! Our new Eco-Friendly Alpaca Dryer Balls are a natural and sustainable alternative to your never-ending supply of toxic dryer sheets. Ethically-made and eco-friendly, these alpaca balls are handmade in a rural Peruvian village, where they're felted one-by-one by a female cooperative of skilled artisans. You can take a closer look here

Eco-Friendly Alpaca Dryer Balls