What is Cashmere?
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What is Cashmere?

There's nothing quite like the feeling of cashmere on your skin. Luxuriously soft and silky, once you've worn it there's no going back. Have you ever wondered exactly what cashmere is, what makes it so unique... and what makes it so expensive?

Cashmere comes from a cashmere goat. Unlike standard goats, the wool from cashmere goats is finer, softer, lighter and stronger. Cashmere goats are bred in chillier weather conditions, which allows their hair to grow longer and thicker to protect their bodies. Their wool is only collected once per year, in spring (when they shed their heavy winter coat) and the only wool collected is from the soft, protected underside of their bellies. Shockingly, a typical cashmere sweater will need the wool from four cashmere goats! Because cashmere goats are relatively rare and their wool can only be collected once per year, this contributes to the high cost of cashmere.

What makes cashmere so soft? Besides being extremely fine, cashmere wool fibres have a slight bend to them. Other extremely soft and fine wools  (such as angora) are stick straight, so when the wool is woven together the sharp ends have a tendency to poke your skin. The slight wave of cashmere fibres allow the wool to be knit together without any itchy ends poking out to irritate you. 

Cashmere is truly an incredible natural resource. It's finer, stronger, lighter and softer than sheep's wool, and has approximately three times more insulation. Soft, silky, and luxurious - what more could you ask for?

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