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Trend Report: Spring/Summer 2017

Au Lit Fine Linens: Sofocle Collection

It should come as no surprise that the bedroom is our favourite room in the house. As the seasons change, we take it as a (welcome) cue to reimagine our spaces. Whether it be a slight tweak or a larger overhaul, here's how we envision incorporating the hottest home trends of Spring/Summer 2017 into the boudoir:

1. Green: This first trend should come as no surprise, as design enthusiasts anxiously await the annual reveal of Pantone's colour of the year (spoiler alert: this year's colour is GREENERY). From fresh chartreuse to rich emerald, we're seeing greens pop up everywhere.

Pantone Colour of the Year: Greenery

Green embodies vitality and life, but a colour choice this bold requires judicious treatment. When it comes to the bedroom, our advice is to skip a fresh coat of paint and incorporate this trend in the form of plant life. Nothing compares to the true greens of nature herself, and going this route will afford you much more design flexibility. While colour trends waver year over year, plants in the bedroom will never go out of style.

Au Lit Fine Linens: Devon Seaglass Collection


2. Texture: While colour evokes feeling and sets the tone of your bedroom (no pun intended), texture is key to adding depth and visual interest to your space. Whether it be the casual rumpling of linen bedding, the loose weave of a light cotton blanket, or the delicate nap of a pre-washed matelasse, spring and summer can sing through the mix of textures you incorporate into your space.

Au Lit Fine Linens: Textures


3. Organic whites: it's no mystery that we're big proponents of white bedding here at Au Lit - you simply can't go wrong with a classic white palette. This season, it's all about deviating from stark and sterile shades and incorporating organic whites - natural bone tones, softer milk shades, and artisanal off-whites; anything that evokes biotic over bleach.

Au Lit Fine Linens: Lavato Sloane Milk Collection


4. Mixed patterns: Not unlike texture, pattern is going to help elevate your colour palette and introduce visual variety to your bedroom. Mixing patterns is an excellent way to tell your design story, allowing for a range of notions and influences to come together in once space.

Au Lit Fine Linens: Mixed Patterns


5. Grey: Grey has been king for a while now, and its reign isn't over yet. The beauty of this placid hue is sheer versatility; this oft-neutral shade can range from earthy-warm to ice-cool and everything in between, making it a brilliant base on which to build your summer bedroom.

Au Lit Fine Linens: Dimora & Chambray Grey Collections


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