The Ultimate Cold Weather Bedding Essentials
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The Ultimate Cold Weather Bedding Essentials

Winter is coming. When the temperature drops and the snow starts to fall, nothing seems as appealing as hiding under the covers until spring. The key to transforming your bedroom into a hibernation-worthy retreat? Incorporating a few cold-weather pieces into your bedroom rotation will keep you warm and cozy all winter long. Check out our top five tips below.

1. Add a heavier weight duvet

Even with the heat on and a cozy pair of pyjamas, the one piece that will transition your bed for winter sleeping is a warm, puffy goose-down duvet. Switch out your all-season duvet for a heavier-weight one (such as our Au Lit Classic, our Tremblant Classic, or our Lausanne Classic). The pure goose down fill adapts to your body's temperature, offering ample warmth while maintaining breathability. So the more down that's added, the cozier you'll be.

Au Lit Goose Down Duvet

2. Swap in flannel

For ultimate coziness, consider swapping out your cotton or linen sheets for flannel ones. Our new Heather Grey & Charcoal Flannel is so thick and warm, you may never get out of bed this winter. The way flannel is woven - fluffy on the surface rather than flat - provides better insulation than "smoother" sheet options, effectively trapping the heat in while you sleep. Plus, the velvety hand of flannel gives an extra layer of sumptuousness when it's really cold.

Heather Flannel Grey & Charcoal

White Flannel

Soft & Cozy Heather Flannel Bundle


3. Add accessories

Tossing a fur or wool throw at the foot of the bed isn't just for aesthetic purposes (although they do look amazing, right?). The addition of a throw offers not only physical warmth, but adds a luxe visual warmth to the space. Our favourites? The Siberian Fox Faux Fur Throw is a glam accent you'll want to snuggle up with all winter long. We're also loving mohair for this winter, and you can't go wrong with cashmere or alpaca.

Siberian Fox Faux Fur Throw

Mohair Throws

Cashmere & Wool Striped Throw

4. Layer up with a down blanket or coverlet

When winter arrives, it's not only fashion that needs layering. Just like adding an extra scarf or sweater to your outfit, we recommend adding a down blanket or coverlet to your bed. The extra layer will encourage warmness and is the perfect way to add style and texture. Bonus: when winter is (finally) over, a coverlet will do double-duty as a lightweight blanket for sleeping.

Dania Down Blanket Sky

Reversible Brushed Cotton Blanket - White / Taupe

5. Consider a wool mattress protector

This might not be the first idea that comes to your mind, but layering your bed with a mattress protector provides all-around, 360 degrees of coziness. Not only do mattress protectors keep your mattress clean and protect you from dust mites, but a protector made from all-natural fibres will help to regulate your body temperature, keeping you cooler in the summer and - you guessed it - warmer in the winter. Our wool mattress protector, featuring 100% virgin wool encased in a 100% terry cotton cover, is an excellent option for taking advantage of these dual benefits.

Wool Mattress Protector