The Truth About Wrinkly Sheets
Between the Sheets

The Truth About Wrinkly Sheets

Wrinkles have gotten a bad rap. When they appear on our faces, we dash to the dermatologist for a host of products and procedures and when they appear in our sheets, we get similarly annoyed. Just as we try to iron out the wrinkles in our skin, we tirelessly attempt to iron out the wrinkles in our sheets. But after we’ve put our blood, sweat, and tears into steaming and pressing, our linens default to the same state after a night of tossing and turning. With all this said, we think it’s time to tell you the truth about sheets: they’re meant to be wrinkled.

Wrinkle-free bedding sounds ideal, but it comes at a cost.

Buzzwords such as “wrinkle-free” and “permanent press” can often be seen on bedding packaging to capitalize on consumers' desires for smooth sheets. What this packaging doesn't detail, however, is the process of achieving creaseless products. In truth, wrinkle-free bedding is achieved by using synthetic fibres or treating with harmful chemicals. While natural fibres like cotton and linen allow air circulation and relatively easy stain-removal, synthetic fibres are unbreathable and easily stained. In terms of chemical content, sheets are often treated with formaldehyde to make them wrinkle-free. This toxic chemical doesn’t wash out of treated sheets and is a known carcinogen after high or prolonged exposure. With knowledge of the unnatural elements involved in producing creaseless sheets, these coveted entities seem to lose their lustre.  

To put it simply, wrinkles are an indicator of good quality sheets. Wrinkles emerge in sheets composed of untreated, natural fibres and confirm the absence of synthetic or chemical elements. As an added bonus, wrinkled sheets are totally in vogue.

Designers and homeowners alike are increasingly opting for hassle-free bedding. Fussy linens are being phased out just as we see other high-maintenance decorating approaches replaced by simple, natural aesthetics. Linen has become a staple of the modern home and it appears not only in our bedrooms but also in our kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms. This year has adopted interior inspiration from nature, making naturally-wrinkled sheets an indispensable part of the current design landscape.

As Toronto designer Suzanne Dimma said, “Soft, worry-free, wrinkle-friendly fabrics are a must.” So put down the iron, luxuriate in your creased sheets, and embrace a life with wrinkles.