Q&A: What makes linen so great?
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Q&A: What makes linen so great?

It's official: linen is having a moment. Flip through the pages of any home decor magazine and you'll see pages upon pages of rustic chic beds donning artfully rumpled sheets. While linen may seem like a new trend, in reality the opposite is true: linen is the world's oldest fabric, long renowned for its durability, versatility, and functionality.

Linen is a natural fabric, derived from the tall, reed-like flax plant. Long fibres of this plant are woven together to create an ultra-strong fabric. Because these fibres are long and thick (rather than short and fluffy like ones from the cotton plant) less of them are required for weaving. This results in a fabric that is extremely breathable, has high moisture absorbency, and a wonderful crispness to the hand. Airy and breezy, linen sheets are ideal for both warm and cool sleepers.

Lavato Linen White

We encourage you abandon the outdated notion that linen is wrinkly and high-maintenance. Instead, ditch your iron, and embrace the naturally rumpled, slept-in texture of linen. Never overly formal or "done", linen is casual elegance at its best, and supremely easy to care for. Another favourite feature? Linen actually gets softer and softer with each wash.

Our Lavato Linen collection is a 50/50 blend of Italian linen and Egyptian cotton, giving it the wonderful softness of cotton combined with the durability and breathability of linen, perfect for summer sleeping. Explore the full collection here.

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