Put Your Bedding Questions to Rest with These Expert Tips (as featured on Redfin)
Between the Sheets

Put Your Bedding Questions to Rest with These Expert Tips (as featured on Redfin)

Au Lit Fine Linens - Top Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Bedding

We were recently approached by the team over at Redfin to submit our top tip for choosing the perfect bedding. With decades of experience helping clients resolve sleep problems that run the gamut, it was tough to narrow it down to just one! Luckily, we were in good company among other bedding insiders offering their top recommendations for choosing the perfect bedding for you. Here are a few of our favourite tips (or read the full article here):

"The perfect bedding is above all else the bedding you feel the most comfortable sleeping in! After all, the goal is a solid eight hours of comfort. Do you like crisp & cool sheets? Fine & silky? Dense & buttery soft? Once you know your sheet preference, you can start building your perfect bed. We always suggest 100% all-natural materials, such as cotton, linen, & bamboo for the sheets, and goose down for the inserts. Natural materials are breathable, softer, and friendlier towards the environment. Once you've got the foundation, the world of style is your oyster with deco details from A-Z." - Au Lit Fine Linens

Au Lit Fine Linens Fine & Silky 100% Bamboo Sheeting

The contributors to the article overwhelmingly agreed with us that natural fibres are the way to go, with many specifically evangelizing bamboo as a great option for sheeting that often flies under the radar. While personal needs & preferences will determine the best fabric for you in the end, we do agree that bamboo is a fantastic option for those who tend to overheat at night, as the fine & silky bamboo fibres are ultra-breathable & exceptional at wicking away moisture, helping to cool you down.

We also loved this tip from Interior Eloquence Design - such a simple way to keep your bed feeling fresh all week long!

Au Lit Fine Linens - Hotel 2-Line Stitch on Crisp & Cool 100% Cotton Percale
"When getting your sheets, get extra pillowcases to change out mid-week. It will help your bed feel fresh before the next wash day." - Interior Eloquence

Other great tips included a reminder about the fantastic temperature-regulating properties of wool (our Wool Mattress Protector has been a customer favourite for years!), the importance of high-quality fibres above all else (we exclusively use long-staple cotton for softness & durability), and knowing your measurements to ensure everything will fit the way you want it to.

Au Lit Fine Linens - Bedding 101 (Size Chart)

So what's your top consideration when shopping for new bedding?