Statement Pillows
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Statement Pillows

There's no better way to freshen up your decor for the holidays than by adding new statement throw pillows into the mix. From sparkly to textured and everywhere in between, we have a fantastic selection of pillows to suit everyone's style and every room in your house! 

This striking geometric pillow with a steely-blue cut velvet pattern and sparkly beading is perfect for the bed or sofa. 14 x 24" - 469.00



This gem with geometric blue embroidery and silver beading will add glam to any room in your home. 22 x 22" - 488.00


One of our favourites is this striking silver metallic cowhide with a handsome charcoal suede geometric pattern. 15 x 21" - 469.00




This sexy, sparkly beauty features creme velvet and silver beaded details and adds a glamorous vibe to any decor.

14 x 24" - 469.00


Next up is this fog linen with a fun graphic zig-zag cream embroidery pattern. Cool and modern, we love it on a bed or a sectional. 22 x 22" - 506.00 



This spectacular statement pillow is all kinds of shimmery with natural linen hide and silver stencil. It's festive, sexy and works with greys, blues and neutrals. - 22 x 22" - 582.00


 For something warmer, this contemporary jewel sparkles with natural Linen, cream embroidery and golden flecks throughout. 22 x 22" - 506.00



This shimmer statement pillow is like a twinkling ornament with subtle sparkles fanning out like a holiday star.  22 x 22" - 221.00