Fresh Wallpaper Trends for the Bedroom
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Fresh Wallpaper Trends for the Bedroom

Forget your grandmother's faded florals and the stuffy wallpapers of yesteryear. There's a new crop of wallpapers on the market, and they're modern, graphic, and - wait for it - temporary. Yes, wallpaper no longer costs as much as your down payment, requires a set-up team to install, and is more difficult to remove than that dolphin tattoo on your ankle that you got on a dare.

With long-term commitment no longer an issue and modern technology at the forefront, this modern new wallpaper is a breath of fresh air. We're seeing a movement to bring the outdoors in, with statement walls featuring lush greenery, evoking a misty morning on the mountains. Bold, punchy graphics transform your bedroom into a trendy downtown art gallery. And forgo the weekends spent DIYing; you can even add the luxe look of custom millwork to your walls for a fraction of the time and effort.

We've rounded up some of our favourite examples of modern wallpaper that we think you'll love for the bedroom. Enjoy!


High Fashion Home

Cole and Son

Andrew Martin

Chinoiserie Chic


Apartment Therapy

SE Homes

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