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Fitted Sheets that FIT!

Au Lit Fine Linens - Fitted Sheets that FIT!

Nothing is more frustrating than playing tug-of-war with a too-small fitted sheet, or - alternatively - tucking under heaps of unnecessary extra fabric but never quite getting things snug. Sheeting is suited to the length and width of our mattresses, but what about the depth? We're seeing mattresses ranging anywhere from 7" - 21" deep these days, so despite the claims of the all-too-ubiquitous fast-fashion bedding stores popping up, there simply is no "one-size-fits-all" solution.

Here at Au Lit, we take fit seriously. When you're investing in quality bedding, it's important that it not only feel great, but fit great as well. You'll notice that we require our shoppers to provide us with their mattress depth when purchasing fitted sheets, and for good reason - because we are committed to providing you fitted sheets that actually fit.

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With 38 years of experience under our belts, we've come to learn that quality cotton sheeting is bound to shrink about 3" - 4" in the pocket over time and with washing, which is why we always build in about 4 extra inches on top of your provided mattress depth. This formula allows us to provide you with bedding that will fit properly out of the package and only come to fit better over time, while never shrinking too small. 

Au Lit Fine Linens - Corner Mattress - Fitted Sheets That FIT!

As a rule, we produce each of our collections in a range of pocket depths suited to a range of mattress depths. In most collections, we offer 4 unique pockets depths, so we can select the fit off the shelf that's going to work best for your particular mattresses dimensions. We don't stop there though; because we are uniquely positioned to offer a breadth of custom work, we will gladly have your sheeting custom made at our dedicated factory in the event none of our stocked sizes are quite right for you.

So what're you waiting for? Explore the world's best sheeting here, with peace of mind that you'll be buying sheeting built to feel great and fit great.

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