Colour Therapy: The Blues
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Colour Therapy: The Blues

If you're familiar with the Au Lit aesthetic, you already know that we adore just about any shade of pale blue - Skylight, Airforce, Mist and, our current crush, Mineral.

Our signature blue leans towards grey; it's sophisticated and never babyish. (Check out our Farrow & Ball Skylight walls at both stores.)


As a bonus, a pale blue environment is known to create peace and tranquility and to enhance mental and physical relaxation, to the point where it can even slow down your metabolism. Because it can be like staring up at a cloudless sky, blue is an especially calming colour. The softer the blue, the freer you feel.

Here's a roundup of some of our favourite blue collections for 2017.

Pietra Mineral is a classic jacquard pattern woven from the finest quality Egyptian cotton. Depending on how you accessorize, the versatile Pietra can be modern or traditional:



Sheba is an exquisite combination of Mineral Blue and Taupe in an iridescent pattern that lends itself to any style of bedroom. Hands down, Sheba has been our number one selling intro of 2017: 


Our Lavato Skylight collection is a pre-washed linen and cotton blend that has a soft-hand and a rumpled, lived-in look. We call it casual, livable luxury and the combination of White and Skylight is literally like looking up at the sky: 


Our Loft 2-line embroidery stitch in Lagoon puts a summer twist on a classic blue hue - it's a bit brighter, with a hint of turquoise, like the Caribbean Sea. This iconic design never goes out of style in the city or at the cottage, and has been a perennial bestseller for more than a decade:


Here are a few more basics in our favourite palette...