Colour Therapy: Clay
Between the Sheets

Colour Therapy: Clay

Your bedroom is your haven. It's where you go to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. (And also to sleep!) The colours you choose for your bedroom are ultimately a very personal choice and the options are endless. So how do you choose? 

Colour plays an important role in our lives, affecting our emotions and moods. Designers know this and use colour to communicate and evoke a certain reaction. A pale blue room might make you feel calm and serene, while a red room can make you feel anxious and excited. Certain colours can even raise your blood pressure or increase your metabolism. A colour's meaning can also differ from culture to culture. In Western Europe, white signifies purity and innocence, while in some Eastern European countries, white is the colour of mourning. 

So, back to our earlier question: how do you pick the right colour for your bedroom? We typically recommend a softer palette that will feel calming. The idea is to want to sleep, so neutrals and pastels are a great place to start - soft shades of grey, blue, pink, aqua, cream - will all create a serene ambience. 

Today we’re exploring one of our favourite neutrals of 2017 - Clay. Clay is a very muted, warm shade of grey with creamy undertones; a more updated take on grey, if you will. Other variations include Bone, Putty, Abalone, and Pale Oak. Somewhere between pale grey and beige, you will find Clay. Here are some of our bestselling collections in this feature colour.

Dimora Washed Linen is a stunning pre-washed blend of linen and cotton, with a softly textured pattern in the weave:


Jewel is a 100% reversible cotton sateen that looks and feels like jersey.



Rodney Bone is a very subtle tone-on-tone design that works in just about any bedroom:



Lavato Linen Clay is a 50/50 blend of Egyptian cotton and linen, giving the fabric the wonderful look and texture of linen, with the soft hand of cotton. Casual, livable luxury at its best: