Vanessa Francis / Au Lit Loft 2-Line Collection
Between the Sheets

Beautiful Beds: Spring Beds

In celebration of the Spring Equinox, we've rounded up some of our favourite springtime looks for the latest edition of Beautiful Beds.

Vanessa Francis / Au Lit Fine Linens

Flowers epitomize the spring season, but require a judicious hand when being incorporated into home design. We love the way Vanessa Francis added a floral pop to a classic foundation to create a well-balanced Springtime look.


Au Lit Shop The Look: Washed Linen Skylight Bed

The relaxed look of linen screams warming weather, while the dreamy blues of Au Lit's Washed Linen Skylight bed remind us of a clear spring sky.


Design Love Fest White & Pastel Bed

Nothing says spring like a pop of pastel. Design Love Fest nailed it with this springtime look, tossing just the right amount of soft colour onto a white foundation.


Homedit Striped Rugs/Colourful Bedroom

This highly saturated bedroom feature from Homedit is a fantastic nod to spring for the bolder colour enthusiasts out there.


Kelleynan White Guest Bedroom

The impact of a pure white bed cannot be underestimated. This design from Kelleynan is particularly warm and inviting; you can almost feel a spring breeze blowing through.


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