Beautiful Beds: Midnight Blue
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Beautiful Beds: Midnight Blue

Have you heard of midnight blue? If you haven't, get ready - you're about to see it EVERYWHERE. Poised to take the design world by storm, midnight blue is a moody and complex shade that hovers somewhere in between navy and indigo, but with muted grey undertones. Named for the dark, vast sky at night when midnight rolls around, it's the newest neutral that the design world is obsessed with.

Midnight blue is the ultimate colour chameleon; during the day, it reflects the light and can works as a nautical navy or coastal blue; but at night, it transforms into a bold, deep shade of black. We love it paired with crisp white for a powerful contrast, although shades of blush, red, sage green, or pale grey work equally well.

We're excited to introduce two new spring collections in this moody shade. Say hello to Lavato Ribbed Midnight and Lavato Pre-Washed 200 Percale. If you're looking to switch things up in your bedroom, we recommend giving it a hit of midnight blue. Whether it's adding a new sham, a duvet cover, or painting an entire accent wall, we think you'll love this versatile shade in your bedroom year-round. We've rounded up 14 gorgeous bedrooms that highlight this stunning shade to inspire you.

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Lavato Pre-Washed 200 Percale Midnight 

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Lavato Ribbed Midnight

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