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A Lightning Quick Guide to Help You Choose The Perfect Pillow

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A good pillow starts with good materials: a 100% cotton shell and white goose down or down/feather fill are ideal for ultimate comfort, as natural materials will ensure breathability and longevity. In terms of firmness, you want your pillow to comfortably support your head and align your neck with your spine. Quite simply, all of these factors combined mean a better sleep.

Pillow Diagram Au Lit

While we wish there was a magic formula to determine the perfect fit for you, the truth is it's a process that requires a bit of trial and error. Luckily, we can help narrow down the options to get you well on your way to your perfect sleeping companion.

Most people already have a sense of what they like in a pillow: super firm, medium to firm, middle of the road, or super squishy. With that in mind, the chart below breaks down our options based on feel. "Super Soft" is going to be the closest option to sleeping without a pillow at all - a great option for those who might often wake up realizing they've knocked the pillow clean off the bed in the middle of the night - while the other end of the spectrum, "Ultra Firm", is going to offer the most thickness and support and will best keep its strong shape and structure over time. Right in the middle is our Au Lit Medium, an option we oft refer to as our "Goldilocks pillow" - not too soft, not too firm, and a fantastic starting point for those who aren't sure where to begin.

So where do you fall?



*Still unsure? Not to worry. If you have any lingering questions, one of our experts would be happy to steer you in the right direction. They can be reached at or 1-800-363-6080.