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Q&A: Measuring for Fitted Sheets and Bedskirts

Au Lit Q&A
Q: How do I measure my fitted sheet and bedskirt?

A: Fitted Sheet
For your fitted sheet you start at the top of your mattress and measure to the top of your box spring (see illustration below). If your mattress has a pillow top or you sleep with a featherbed, you'll need to add the thickness of each to your mattress height. Your fitted sheet may seem large when you first get it, but it will shrink within a few months and you'll be happy to have the extra fabric. Trust us!

For your bedskirt, start at the top of the box spring and measure all the way to the floor (see illustration below). Once your bedskirt is washed it will shrink up about half an inch which is exactly where your bedskirt should fall.

How to Measure a Fitted Sheet and Bedskirt