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You may not think your laundry detergent makes a difference, but trust us, not all detergents are created equal. Some can be very harsh and shorten the lifespan of your linens. LeBlanc, which makes our shortlist of favourite detergent brands, offers fantastic products specially designed for your linens, towels, down and silks. We've offered these at our store for years, and now you can purchase them through our online store in our laundry section.

LeBlanc's laundry 'Do's and Dont's. For more on laundering your linens visit our 'Linen Care' page.

DO wash your new sheets in cold water before putting them on the bed. Expect 3% shrinkage.

DO wash them with a gentle, non-bleaching soap. We recommend Le Blanc® Linen Wash®.

DO dilute your detergent in the water before putting any fabric in the washer. Never apply any soap/detergent directly to fabrics while still dry.

DO hang to dry or dry your sheets on air fluff, permanent press or the low temperature setting. High heat cooks the yarn causing the fabric to shrink and loose it natural softness. 

DO remove sheets promptly from the washer and dryer, smooth them out, and fold to reduce wrinkling. 

DO iron all your table and bed linens while they are still damp. If a piece is embroidered iron on the reverse side.

DO a vinegar bath to both your washing machine and iron monthly.

DO thoroughly wash your hands or face to remove any lotions, creams, make up or soaps with oxidizing agents. It will discolour the fabric. 

DON’T ever use chlorine bleach, products with bluing agents or whiteners on any fine linen. 

DON’T use harsh laundry soap like Le Fab, Tide, and yes-Woolite when laundering fine natural fabrics or linens. It may cause your sheets to pill or fade.

DON’T pour any detergent directly on the fabric without wetting the fabric first. Always dilute any cleansers with water even when spot treating.

DON’T overload the washer. It will prevent the breakage of long fibers like in Egyptian Cotton. 

DON’T use (polyester) fragranced dryer sheets in the dryer when drying your cotton sheets or towels. It will likely cause pilling which are small fabric knots/balls on the surface of the fabric.

DON’T use fabric softeners. It will prevent the yarns from absorbing moisture and shorten the life of your textile. 

DON’T dry sheets “bone” dry. It may cause “pilling.” Removing the linens from the dryer while slightly moist will reduce wrinkling. 

DON’T expose table linens to sunlight or moonlight for an extended period of time to avoid color fading.


Laundry Tips via LeBlanc

Home laundering is recommended for almost all household linens. Only dry clean when indicated on the label.

We encourage the use of white towels or pillow cases for those of you who use any oxidizing lotions and or acne products.

Linen softens and wrinkles less as it ages. Washing in warm water, over drying, and poor -quality dyes are common reasons for the loss of color in fabrics. Fresh stains are the easiest to remove. Heat permanently sets stains, so make sure they are completely gone before placing in a dryer.