A Good Set of Sheets
Between the Sheets

A Good Set of Sheets

"I'm looking for a good set of sheets."

We hear this statement a lot at Au Lit, which is why it's important to us to educate you on what separates a good sheet from a mediocre one. The quality of the cotton and weaving process is what sets a good sheet apart from the rest. Our mills in Italy source the very best, long stem Egyptian cotton, and weave it to perfection. We then have them sewn here in Canada. This ensures a beautiful, durable sheet which will get better with time. 

It comes as a shock to most, but thread count does not determine the quality of the sheet. Choosing your thread count is a personal preference. Do you like crisp percale or something silkier like cotton satin? Do you prefer something light and airy or something with a little more body and density?

If you're feeling unsure about what you like, start with our 220 Percale or our 320 Cotton Satin. They will not disappoint and a set of either will give you a better gadge for your second set. We also send out fabric swatches of our entire Thread Count Bar, so you can touch and feel them first hand.

Have a question about sheets? Leave a comment, Tweet at us, ask us on Facebook, or contact us at 1 800 363 6080. You can also learn more from our Handbook and watch our video on Thread Count below: