19 Signs You're a 'Sheet-ster'
Between the Sheets

19 Signs You're a 'Sheet-ster'

When you work in the world of bedding you meet a lot of people who are obsessed with sheets. We decided that we needed a word to describe this special breed, so we coined the term Sheet-ster. Also known as an individual who is obsessed with sheets and bedding.

How do you know if you're a Sheet-ster? We've put together a list of 19 signs that might tip you off!

1. You put new sheets on your bed everyday because you "love the feeling of freshly washed sheets".

2. You shower at night to respect the white.

3. Bedding always makes its way into your dinner conversations.


4. 'Washed Cotton' is your favourite scent.

5. You know the difference between a sham and a pillow case.

6. You make your significant other wipe their feet before they get into bed.

7. Before booking a hotel room, you confirm the sheet quality with the concierge.

8. You make your bed every morning as if you were prepping for an interior design photo shoot.

9. You have a lot of pillows.

10. You're happy that 'Glamping' is a thing now.

11. You have different sheets for each season.

12. You hang to dry.

13. You're constantly Instagramming rumpled white sheets.

14. You travel with your own pillow.

15. Your friends and family are nervous when you stay the night.

16. Wherever you stay, you check the tag on the sheets to see where they're made.

17. You obsess over the organization of your linen closet.

18. Your favourite Rihanna song is 'California King Bed'.

19. The words Egyptian Cotton give you goosebumps.