Q&A: What's a flange?
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Q&A: What's a flange?

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Q: What's a flange?

A: There are several elegant ways to finish bed linens, flanged being one of them. A flange is a decorative border of fabric used on shams, cushion covers and duvet covers. They can vary in size, usually between one and four inches depending on the design of the bedding.

TIP FOR YOUR DUVET: If you have a 13 to 14" deep mattress, you can get a regular size duvet cover with a 3 to 4" flange rather than upgrade to a Jumbo size duvet and cover. The extra fabric will help cover your mattress! For mattresses over 14", we'd recommend upgrading to a Jumbo size.

(Shown Above: Loft 1 line, Ribbed Pique, 220 Thread Count Percale)