Q&A: What does 'Jumbo size' mean?
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Q&A: What does 'Jumbo size' mean?

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Q: What does 'Jumbo size' mean?

A: Jumbo size is used in regards to deep mattresses (over 12"). We use this term for fitted sheets, duvet covers, and duvets. Usually this applies to King or Queen mattresses, but it's not unheard of to have a deep Twin or Double mattress. 

Our Jumbo sized fitted sheets accommodate up to a 16" mattress, while our regular sized fitted sheets only fit up to a 12" mattress. If your mattress is even deeper than 16", you'll need a custom made fitted sheet which we can happily make for you (contact us with your measurements and we can provide pricing). Our rule of thumb is to add 4" to the depth of your mattress when buying a fitted sheet to accommodate for shrinkage and tuck-in.

If you have a deep mattress, you may also find that your duvet doesn't properly cover the sides. This is when a Jumbo sized duvet and duvet cover will come in handy.

We think it's important that your bedding should fit perfectly, so make sure you know the measurements of your mattress, use our size chart and don't hesitate to give us a call if you're struggling to select a size.