The Bed Book by Sylvia Plath
Between the Sheets

The Bed Book by Sylvia Plath

It's not often that we come across bed content that's not only fun but inspirational. Which is why Sylvia Plath's The Bed Book warms our bed obsessed hearts. The Bed Book is a series of vintage bed poems for kids, illustrated by artist Quentin Blake (best-known for illustrating Roald Dahl’s classics).

This whimsical combination of wordplay and artwork is a small reminder of why we humbly attempt to change the way people sleep. Even though The Bed Book is for children, it presents a challenge to all ages: Don't just think of your bed as a spot to lay your head, but as a sanctuary to dream, a cloud to imagine and a place to aspire to something a little more interesting.
Most Beds are Beds
For sleeping and resting,
But the best Beds are much
More interesting!
Not just a white little
Tucked-in-tight little
Nighty-night little
Turn-out-the-light little

via Brain Pickings