Lavato Linen: White, Natural, and Contrast
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Lavato Linen: White, Natural, and Contrast

Earlier this week, we talked about linen and its increasing popularity. We've always had 'linen lovers', but since we've introduced our Lavato collection more customers are wanting to give linen a try.

Our pre-washed linen/cotton fabric is the foundation of our entire Lavato collection (available in white, natural and contrast.) Its 50/50 blend of pre-washed Italian Linen and Egyptian Cotton, create a rumpled, lived-in look with a super soft-hand. They basically feel like beautiful vintage linen right out of the package! Great for anyone who's new to linen but will also satisfy the long time 'linen lovers'.

If you're curious about the Lavato collection, this Spring might be the perfect time to indulge!

Lavato Linen White

Lavato Linen Natural

Lavato Linen Contrast

Our pure linen in Chestnut is also great for the linen purists who love the crisper feel of 100% Italian Linen.

Lavato Chestnut