Q & A: What is linen?
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Q & A: What is linen?

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Q: What is linen?

A: Linen is a fabric woven from flax fibres. The collective term linens is used broadly to refer to bed sheets in any material. Linen (the kind made from flax) is highly sought after for it's strength, breathability, and casual rumpled style. Due to its crisp, cool qualities, it tends to be more commonly used in warmer months, but those who love it even use it year round. Like good quality cotton, linen will get softer and better with every wash.

Brands that we carry such as Libeco and Area are well known for their high quality linen bed sheets. We also have our own beautiful line of Lavato linen (aka pre-washed), available in either a blend of 50/50 Italian linen/Egyptian cotton or pure Italian linen

Lavato Linen Natural available at Au Lit Fine Linens