Q &  A: How often should I wash my sheets?
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Q & A: How often should I wash my sheets?

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Q: How often should I wash my sheets?

A: Once a week. This isn't everyone's favourite answer, but it's the best way to prevent any yellowing from body oils and sweat that will naturally transfer into your linens as you sleep. Regular washing will also ensure the longevity of your linens. 

To keep your whites as white as possible, we recommend soaking them overnight in hot water with mild detergent before their weekly washing. If you have a top loading washing machine follow these steps:

  1. Put your sheets in your washing machine with a mild detergent.
  2. Set temperature to hot and fill with water.
  3. Leave the lid open to stop cycle and leave overnight.
  4. Resume washing cycle in the morning
You'll be amazed at the difference a little soaking can do!

Always make sure to use a mild detergent, avoiding any that contain bleach, ammonia, or strong enzymes that may cause discoloration or breakdown the fabrics prematurely. 

For more tips on washing your linens, check out our Clean and Crisp Linen Care Guide.