Sharing the bed
Between the Sheets

Sharing the bed

While you may be in sync with your partner in a lot of ways, there's no denying that when it comes to bedding you may need to do a bit of compromising. 
Here are a few things that come up when you have to share a bed.

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1. One of you is a warm sleeper while the other is a cold sleeper.

This is an issue that can be fairly simple to tackle. Two twin duvets in different weights can solve this problem easily, with a lighter weight duvet for the warmer person and a heavier weight duvet for the cold sleeper (this also helps with blanket hogging!). If you prefer the look of one duvet on your bed and still like to share, you can get a four season duvet with a blanket on the side of the colder person. For more help on your duvet buying, watch 'Purchasing a Down Duvet'.

2. Choosing a thread count

Between percales, satins and having different thread count options in each, it can be hard to settle on a favourite. One of you may love a crisp, cool sheet, while the other prefers something a little more on the silky side. One option would be to buy a set of each and rotate on weekly basis. If you prefer to settle on one, we recommend going to a higher thread count Percale, like a 410 or an 800, they have the perfect balance of a super soft, smooth hand combined with the durability and crispness of a percale weave. All to say, no matter the thread count you decide on you'll both be sleeping a little happier, because they are all made with quality, long-stem Egyptian cotton, woven in Italy, and sewn here in Canada. Read up on our 'Thread Count 101' if you're still unsure!

3. Can't decide on a colour scheme

Neutrals are the best when you can't agree on a colour. We're talking whites, taupes, greys and browns. You can compromise in this area with a pop of colour in throw cushions or blankets, which is less commitment and gives you more room to play around with different styles. 

4. Pillows that suit individual needs

This is just a simple matter of asking your partner, 'Do you like a soft, medium, or firm pillow?' (Relationships are all about communication). We list all of our pillows by their level of firmness, so this is pretty easy to figure out! 
Watch this video on 'How to Choose a Pillow' for more information.
What other linen-related problems do you encounter with sharing the bed?