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Q&A: What does loft or fill power mean in down duvets and pillows?

Au Lit Q&A

Q: What does loft or fill power mean in down duvets and pillows?

A: Fill power or loft, is a measurement of efficiency; the higher the fill power number, the better the down and the greater the insulating value. The loft measurement represents the number of cubic inches filled by an ounce of down. 

Fill power is directly related to the size of the down cluster. Large down clusters occupy more space than smaller down clusters. The higher the fill power, the larger the clusters, and thus, the more air that is trapped between the clusters.  The trapped air is what gives down its insulating properties. 

The size of the bird and the climate in which it lives, determines the size of its down cluster. The colder the climate, the larger the down cluster required to keep the bird warm. For example, it is colder in Canada than it is in Hungary. Therefore, the birds need larger down clusters in Canada to stay warm.

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Image provided by St.Geneve. Information provided by Sferra