Q&A: What does hypo-allergenic mean?
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Q&A: What does hypo-allergenic mean?

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Q: What does hypo-allergenic mean?

A: The term hypo-allergenic is used to describe products that cause fewer allergic reactions.

Most people who think they are “allergic to down” are actually allergic to the dust and dust mites that can be present in unclean down. If a person is in reality allergic to dust or dust mites, down that is thoroughly cleaned should reduce the chance of any allergic reaction. Although, there is no process that can guarantee 100% removal of the dust or dust mites from down, there are standards that must be met for down to be called hypo-allergenic.

Our down products are hypo-allergenic, due to the extensive down cleansing and sterilizing process which removes dust, dirt, and other impurities. During this process, the down is sorted and filtered numerous times to ensure the cleanest dust-free product possible. The down is separated from dust and large feathers, washed at a temperature around 48°C, and then dried between 104°C and 115°C.

If customers are actually “allergic to down,” which is not common, they will probably have a reaction no matter how thoroughly the down has been cleaned. They should go with a down alternative, such as our Micromax.

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