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Our 220 TC Sheets in 7 New Colours!

The terms quality and high thread count have been muddled over the years, and many companies would probably like for it to stay that way. The truth? High thread count and quality are not synonymous. I'd love to tell you that finding fabulous sheets is as easy as grabbing the highest thread count sheets you can find, but it's not that simple. The quality of the cotton and where the fabric is woven are fundamental in creating authentic quality linens. Even a 1200 thread count sheet made of inferior cotton, will never compare to a 220 TC sheet made of high quality cotton, woven in Europe. (View our Handbook for more info on thread-count.)

Our 220 thread count sheets have been with us from the very beginning and continue to be an Au Lit staple. Made of high quality Egyptian cotton, woven in Italy and sewn in Canada, they deliver that indescribable smooth, crisp feeling, only authentic quality linens can provide. This year, we've decided to expand on our 220 collection with the introduction of 7 new colours: Sky, Airforce Blue, Steel, Wisteria, Sable, Latte and Irish Winter. Our beloved 220 sheets are finally available in more than just white and cream, and in time for our White Sale!
If you've been thinking of trying our linens, our 220 sheets are the perfect place to start and with our White Sale on this month, it's the best time to buy and get 20% off. Enjoy the sale and the sheets!